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I guess I wouldn't be any sort of writer (or even wanna-be writer) if I didn't rattle on about myself and how I came to find myself where I am today. In case you were wondering.

The fact of the matter is that if you're looking at this site, you probably know me. But in case you don't or you've somehow forgotten why I don't call anymore, here's my story. The short version.
I'm 27 right now, soon to be 28 (on August 13). I'm a graduate student at the University of Washington, enrolled in a Masters of Public Administration program called the Peace Corps Masters International (PCMI). I've completed the bulk of the academic part of my degree, and am serving 2 years in the Peace Corps in the Eastern Caribbean. My training is in St. Lucia, and I don't know where I'll be posted yet. Stay tuned.
But let me step back a bit further for those of you in the cheap seats. I was born and raised in southeastern PA, went to school at University of Delware (English/Journalism & International Relations) and then spent a year serving as a VISTA volunteer for the Delaware Coalition for Literacy in Wilmington, DE. After a brief trip to Europe, I worked for nearly a year as a job developer in a welfare-to-work program at the beginning of welfare reform. Luckily the economy was in better shape then. Regardless, I burnt out, and moved to Seattle just to check out what it had to offer. I fell in love with the northwest.
Unfortunately, the nonprofits in Seattle didn't reciprocate my love. I wanted to do fundraising, I found work as a cashier at REI. Then in Customer Service and HR at That's where I worked until I finally woke up and realized that I used to have a plan, and I really needed to revisit it and figure out what to do with my life. Enter the PCMI program. I got in during the inaugural year, so I'm really just a guinnea pig at this point, in a sense. Which really just adds to the adventure. There are 8 of us from the UW either gone or about to leave at this point, and it's really exciting to know that I know someone on nearly every continent at this point.
I'm keeping a weblog, so check back and see what I've been up to. You can find older information on the LiveJournal, that is until I get my new one, "Tales from Bananaland" up and going.
My address for now is:
PCT Deborah Wolf
Peace Corps
PO Box 123
Castries, St. Lucia
West Indies
If you use airmail paper or aren't a prodigious writer, 1 oz letters are $.80 and should reach me in about 2 weeks.

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