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Relevant and only partially relevant for those interested in St. Lucia, me or other random bits of info.

Info on St. Lucia:
Nice Pictures of St. Lucia

St. Lucia One Stop, a site about St. Lucia, with even links to listen to St. Lucian radio.

(from lonely planet)A spate of resort developments on St Lucia has made this high green island one of the Caribbean's trendy package-tour destinations, but it's still a long way from being sanitized and overdeveloped. Much of it is markedly rural in nature: a mix of small fishing villages, secluded coves, sprawling banana plantations and mountainous jungle. The most dramatic scenery is in the south, where the twin volcanic peaks of the Pitons rise sharply from the shoreline to form distinctive landmarks. If you're worried about visiting a potential second Montserrat, relax - there hasn't been a volcanic eruption since 1766.
Area: 616 sq km (240 sq mi)
Population: 156,260
Capital city: Castries (pop 50,000)
People: African (90%), mixed descent (6%), European and East Indian (4%)
Language: English & French-based patois
Religion: Roman Catholic (90%), Protestant (7%), Anglican (3%)
Government: Independent republic within the British Commonwealth
Major industries: Bananas, coconuts, cocoa, assembly of electronic components, clothing, tourism. Major trading partners: USA, Caricom (Caribbean community) countries, UK, Japan, Canada
St Lucia has two airports: most international flights land at Hewanorra, at the southern end of the island, while most inter-island flights land at the more conveniently located Vigie Airport near Castries, the capital.

ABOUT ME: I served in the Peace Corps in Saint Lucia, in the West Indies, from August 2002-2004, in the 69th group of volunteers there (also called EC 69) as a graduate student at the University of Washington, enrolled in a Masters of Public Administration program called the Peace Corps Masters International (PCMI). I have now returned to the U.S. to finish graduate school and seek a job in international development.

On a personal note, I also have alopecia, which is a condition that caused me to lose all of my hair in 1999. There's still a lot of unanswered questions about alopecia, but doctors think it is an autoimmune disorder. Essentially, I've become allergic to my own hair. There's no history of this in my family, or in me, and it could come back, or not come back, at any time. I was one of the unfortunate types who lost ALL of my hair... sigh. There's a link to NAAF on the right if you have more questions. I do wear a wig, so you'll see me both "hairy" and "au natural" in various photos. This all adds a whole new dimension to my experiences in a place where people are very blunt about physical appearances, and in which I am swimming publicly very often--something which I shunned out of self-consciousness before.

Some facts about Peace Corps EC: We are not allowed to drive, or ride bicycles or motorcycles. We are not allowed to have roommates, or live in the most developed, expensive area of the island, though my apartment is closest of anyone's to that area (Rodney Bay and north, excepting Gros Islet). We are not allowed to leave the island without permission, get married or pregnant during our service. There are quite a few rules regulating our lives here, which aren't too difficult to follow, but come as quite a surprise to many locals when we tell them. We live in sort of a double-fishbowl: always being watched by the locals as well as always being watched by the Peace Corps administration. It is an interesting experience, especially for those of us used to living in fairly big cities with a reasonable degree of anonymity.

St. Lucia Reading List

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Jazz - Toni Morrison
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The Last Time They Met - Anita Shreve
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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - JK Rowling
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - JK Rowling
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - JK Rowling
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Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing - Melissa Banks
A Pirate Looks at 50 - Jimmy Buffett
The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks
The Smoke Jumper - Nicholas Sparks
Floating Down to Camelot - David Benedictus
The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen
The Victim - Saul Bellow
Open Secrets - Alice Munro
Fear of Flying - Erica Jong
Brand New Memory - Elias Miguel Munoz
Catch Me If You Can - Frank W. Abagnale
Mrs. Dalloway - Virginia Woolf
The Hours - Michael Cunningham
The Dive from Clausen's Pier - Ann Packer
The Reader - Bernhard Schlink The Timeless Place, The Chosen People - Paule Marshall
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